[Tanukikoji Shopping Street]
(1 min walk from the hotel)

Around 1869, merchants' houses and restaurants began to line the street, and since 1873, the corner has been called "Tanukikoji". Facing east and west in a 900-meter-long arcade, the shopping street is lined with numerous stores ranging from long-established stores that have been in business for 60 years to fashionable stores that have just opened. The surrounding area is also full of restaurants, souvenir stores, fashion stores, and large stores for late night shopping.

[Odori Park](9 min walk from the hotel)

In 1909, "Yasuhei Nagaoka," a pioneer of modern parks, was commissioned to maintain the park, and in 2011 it celebrated its 100th anniversary.
It stretches 1.5 km east to west through the center of Sapporo, covering an area of approximately 7.8 hectares (1 ha = 10,000 m2). The 147.2-meter-high TV Tower stands in Odori Park 1-chome, and its observation deck offers a 360° panoramic view. Various events are held throughout the year, attracting many citizens and tourists.

[Susukino](6 min walk from the hotel)

Along with Kabukicho in Shinjuku and Nakasu in Fukuoka, Susukino is one of Japan's leading entertainment districts and is known as "Susukino," the town that never sleeps.
The area began as a ”Yukaku(red-light district)” during the pioneer days around 1870, and many restaurants and other establishments were built on the site, laying the foundation for the current neon district. The area is lined with approximately 3,500 restaurants, including local cuisine, taverns, sushi bars, and more.
The old and new Ramen Yokocho is also located here.

[Sapporo Station](17 min walk from the hotel)

Located in the heart of Sapporo, Sapporo Station began in 1880, and after numerous renovations and expansions, the current modern station building was completed in 2003.
The JR Tower adjacent to the station offers a panoramic view of Sapporo and night scenery. Surrounded by a student district including Hokkaido University, office buildings, commercial facilities, and cultural facilities such as parks and museums, the area offers convenient access to shopping and sightseeing spots.

[Sapporo Dome]
(34 min from the hotel by train & on foot)

The largest all-weather dome in Hokkaido and the northernmost in Japan, it was established in the hills of Sapporo in 2001. 
Various events have been held since its opening, and visitors can enjoy watching baseball and soccer games, as well as concerts and exhibitions.The surrounding area is also well-stocked with commercial facilities and restaurants, offering a wide range of enjoyment before and after the event.

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